3 stories on learning languages, my wanderlust gene, and how my glasses saved me from eternal damnation

Put that wanderlust gene variant to good use. When you’re on the train or plane and get bored – grab some Amplifying Voices videos and subtitle them in the languages you speak. Also, tell your friends. When you’re trying to decide which cause you want to support, do it by making sure the message gets out to as many people as possible out there.

How to share your captioned video online

You finally finished captioning a video, and maybe even translated your captions into several languages! Congrats! So what's next? Now you can download your captions or transcriptions in different formats for later use. If you are wondering what formats to download and how to download them, check out this article in the Amara Support Center: … Continue reading How to share your captioned video online

Captioning Brightcove videos with Amara

The Easiest way to get Captions and Subtitles on your Brightcove Videos Brightcove Customers have a new option for using Captions and Subtitles to reach a wider audience, improve their SEO and improve accessibility: Amara. Yesterday we rolled out our Amara-Brightcove integration for getting captions directly on to your Brightcove videos.  And we're boasting that … Continue reading Captioning Brightcove videos with Amara