You finally finished captioning a video, and maybe even translated your captions into several languages! Congrats!

So what’s next?

Now you can download your captions or transcriptions in different formats for later use. If you are wondering what formats to download and how to download them, check out this article in the Amara Support Center:  How do I download subtitles and translations from a video on Amara?

In addition to downloading your captions, you can also sync your captions to Youtube and Vimeo, embed your captioned video into your webpage/blog post, or share it on LinkedIn and Twitter!

Sync your caption to Youtube or Vimeo

On Amara, you can sync your captions directly to your Youtube or Vimeo account. Here’s how: go to your account setting ->link your Youtube and Vimeo account-> start captioning your video-> Publish.

After publishing your captions, Amara will identify whether this video belongs to your Youtube or Vimeo account. If the video belongs to you, Amara will automatically sync your captions to your Youtube or Vimeo video. Note that other people’s captions and translations will also automatically sync to your Youtube/Vimeo account after publishing without an extra step for you to review them.

It is easy to remove any contributions from other people from your Youtube/Vimeo interface. However, if you edit the captions through Youtube/Vimeo interface, the result might be overwritten by Amara, so after you connect your video on Amara, we recommend editing your captions through Amara interface.

If this video does not belong to you, and the owner of the video hasn’t synced the video to Amara, the caption won’t sync to the account.

If you prefer uploading your captions to Youtube/Vimeo manually, you can also download your captions in Youtube/Vimeo-compatible formats and upload to your video through their interfaces.

For Vimeo, you can use SRT, WebVTT, DFXP/TTML, SCC, and SAMI files, but they recommend using WebVTT whenever possibleFor Youtube, you can upload SRT or SBV files.


If your video is hosted on Facebook, you can download and upload your SRT file to your Facebook video. The following video demonstrates how.

Embed it on your website or blog

You can also embed the Amara widget of your captioned video on your website or blog.

This function can be very helpful if you want to caption a video in a foreign language and embed it on your blog or website. You can translate almost any online video and embed it right away with the Amara widget. You do not need to wait for permission from the owner of the video to add captions to their original video.

For example, if you want to share a youtube foreign language video on your blog with your translation, but the owner does not have an Amara account or hasn’t synced that video to Amara, you might need to ask the video owner to sync your translation to that specific video before you share the youtube link (And it’s very likely you won’t receive any reply since a lot of YouTubers are super busy.) With the Amara widget, you don’t have to wait for their reply, you can just embed your captioned video directly after publishing your caption.

You can check out  Embedding Amara Videos|Online Accessibility Series created by the University of Louisville to see how to embed a captioned video on your blog/website!

Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and other social media platform

At the time of publishing this article, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and some other social media do not support closed captions. If you want to have captions on your video on those platforms, you can consider “burning” or embedding captions into your video.

For more information on the difference between closed and open captions, check out this article: what’s the difference between Closed and Open Caption?

You can also share the link of your captioned video directly to those social media platforms by clicking the sharing button on your video page or directly copy/paste the URL of your video page.

Now you are ready to share your videos with subtitles all over the internet! And don’t forget to tag @AmaraSubs when you do! Happy subtitling! 

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