we'd like to help outDo you know of an organization that needs to get video subtitled? We’re getting ready to roll out a testing site soon, which means people will be subtitling stuff. We’d love to focus some of this effort towards a good cause.

If you know of an organization (or work for one) that could use subtitles, captions, or translations please let us know. We’re especially interested in folks doing educational, non-profit, or socially focused work—they will need to have videos ready to go (i.e. publicly accessible on the internet).

Email us if you have a suggestion, esp. if you can make an intro: universalsubtitles@pculture.org

9 thoughts on “Do you know of an organization that needs subtitles?

  1. We hope YOU all have already joined us in the CCAC – Collaborative for Communication Access via Captioning!

    We are an Advocacy grass roots all volunteer project – of course non-profit. Get in touch soon please, via email or the web. CCACaptioning then dot.org

  2. How about Gallaudet University, it is the only liberal arts university in the world designed exclusively for deaf and hard of hearing students.

    Also, I know that the University of Maryland, where I work, needs online videos captioned. More of the classes are using these videos during lectures, but they are not accessible.

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