Jess Dixon in his flying automobileWe’ve had our heads down for the past month and are very close to releasing an alpha version of Universal Subtitles. The alpha will give everyone access to a preview version of the subtitling widget and the Universal Subtitles website; we’re aiming to release around June 15th.

We’ll have many more details here as soon as we go live and would like to thank you for your patience and enthusiasm. Also, we’d like to make an extra special thanks to everyone who has donated through Mozilla Drumbeat! Your contributions have made the alpha version possible.

2 thoughts on “Almost to Alpha!

  1. Awesome! SethB,

    We love it when people are happy. If anyone is proud about this project the most would be me. Though it’s all of our projects. Each and every one of you who joined to add valuable community involvement. Thanks so much for your positive feedback. I’m just following up on all of the comments here and I apologize if it took so long. We’re just getting everything started. Best wishes,

    Booger Bender

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