Deaf & Hard of Hearing Discussion List

We’ve just launched a discussion list for users of Universal Subtitles who are deaf, hard of hearing, and/or passionate about the issues.

We aim to make it a safe place to discuss anything related to: deaf or hard of hearing culture, open technology, and of course captions & subtitles of all sorts.

We have a few project ideas we’d like to float on the list (feel free to propose your own as well!). If you are especially interested in getting involved in a volunteer capacity, please either post to the list or get in touch with us directly (email link in sidebar); we’d love to have your help!

Some initial project ideas

  • Keep an up-to-date list of “Most Wanted” videos that we can encourage people to caption
  • Outreach campaign to encourage small and medium sized websites to enable captions on their videos
  • Awareness campaign to help Universities and other institutions find out how easy enabling captions can be
  • Whatever good ideas you can think of

We’ll be discussing these project ideas (and hopefully more)as soon as the first few folks join the list. It’ll be fully public, so anyone who comes to the party late will have no trouble catching up. If this sounds cool, join the list now!

One comment

  1. […] they announced they now have a Deaf and Hard of Hearing discussion list set up. According to the post, “We aim to make it a safe place to discuss anything related to: deaf […]

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