Thanks to Sebastien Agnot and the Dailymotion team for a quick response in updating their API to give us more fine-grained timing information!

We got Dailymotion videos working pretty well, but things felt a bit sluggish and unsynchronized. Their API did not give us the same fine-grained timing information that, for example, the YouTube API was giving us.

The change on their end was really simple though, so we asked about it and within a few weeks the change was live on the Dailymotion site.

Vimeo support is currently on hold due to an even more extreme version of the same problem: their video player API only gives us playhead time to the nearest second, which is *way* too infrequent for our purposes.

We’re working with Vimeo to fix the problem, but if you’re a Vimeo user (especially if you publish your videos there and/or use a “plus” account), you can help by expressing your interest in full compatibility with Universal Subtitles!  (Vimeo Support Page)

One thought on “Thanks, Dailymotion!

  1. Holy Flying Flamingos!
    This is absolutely fantastic! ASL Interpreters at an open source meeting like this. I applaud the Interpreters for their tedious work with translation. This is the place for it. Booger Bender’s seal of approval Great job for the team!

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