If you’re excited about the potential of open subtitles and translations on the web, then it’s time to get your hands dirty! All you have to do is find a video you’re passionate about and subtitle it (we now support Vimeo, so that’s no excuse for not getting involved).

subtitle a video

If you’ve never created subtitles before, start with a short video (3 minutes or less). The process is quicker than you might imagine and is actually kind of fun. If you’re bilingual, you can translate something that has already been captioned or go directly into your native language. If you’re a pro, like stenoknight, maybe you want to try something a little longer form ;)

Spread the word. Do yours before 2011

Once you’ve completed a video, please tweet about it with #usinguniversalsubs

We’ll be joining you, and tweeting as we go!

Get started now!

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