Our friend Matt Thompson, from Mozilla Drumbeat, posted a great article about Mirabai Knight (aka stenoknight) captioning 30 videos in 30 days. Matt read about the story in our most recent email newsletter, check the sidebar for details on signing up to the list —>

Article by Matt Thompson, of o p e n m a t t:

To help launch last month’s beta version of “the world’s simplest subtitling tool,” Mozilla Drumbeat and Universal Subtitles asked for your help. The challenge: kick the tires on the new tool by using it to subtitle 10,000 videos by the end of the year. We’re now over 40% of the way toward that goal, with 4,179 videos submitted as of today. The early verdict: the tool works, really is ridiculously simple to use, and is already being adopted by high-profile partners like Wikimedia Commons and MIT. Even more impressive, it has a growing community of inspiring users behind it — including some prolific pros like Stenoknight.

From DNA to Dr. Seuss: 30 videos in 30 days

Stenoknight, aka Mirabai Knight, provides real time captioning services for the deaf and hard of hearing. She took up the Universal Subtitles challenge by captioning 30 videos over 30 days — from a 3D animation about DNA and how ribosomes make proteins, to BBC nature documentaries, to Dr. Seuss, to a music video for Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” interpreted into American Sign Language. Check out her awesome recap post here.

“Thanks again to Universal Subtitles for their amazing captioning tool, and if anyone else would like to attempt to caption 30 videos in 30 days, go for it! I’d love to see this idea catch on.” –Stenoknight

Ramping up the pace: can you help?

The next goal for Universal Subtitles: ramp up the pace of development toward a full “1.0″ release early in 2011. Right now the project has two developers working half-time on the project. The Universal Subtitles team is trying to raise $25,000 by the end of the year, which will allow those developers to work full time and push to get the tool from beta to 1.0. Mozilla is matching all donations until the end of the year, so please send Universal Subtitles some love this holiday season. You can help now by:

5 thoughts on “Universal Subtitles success story: 30 videos in 30 days

  1. Ok, this is really cool. :)

    But: The subtitles doesn’t work for me on the Vimeo videos. I’m using the nightly build of Firefox 4 in Ubuntu 10.10.

    And: In GPS Parade there is some text in the video itself. This should also have been subtitled, even though it’s already in english. This because: (1) This way everyone translating to different languages won’t all have to sync the translation to the video, and (2) people who uses screen readers or other things to help them (increasing size/contrast on the screen, etc.) can’t read the text in the video.

  2. It says “3 comments”, but I can only see my two. That is: If you’ve answered me, I haven’t seen it yet. Looking forward to an answer. You where really fast last time, but I understand that you might have other priorities at this time of year. :)

    Merry christmas (or whatever you’re celebrating)! :)

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