MIT OpenCourseWare is inviting volunteers to help caption and subtitle the full library of videos for a chemistry course titled, “Teaching College-Level Science and Engineering”.

Screenshot of lecture video with universal subtitles enabled Each lecture in the series is roughly an hour and twenty-five minutes long, so completing these is definitely a challenge. Eventually we’ll make it easier to break this type of job into smaller pieces, but in the mean time we’d love to have people jump in and tell us what works well and what can be improved.

There are partial English captions already done for the beginning of each lecture. If you find that someone else is already working on improvements for one lecture, just go down the list and try the next one. If you’re serious about contributing, I would suggest checking out the OCW subtitles group on facebook.

So by all means, please join in: Get started subtitling OCW videos (and let us know what you think)

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