Amara is looking for individuals with caption / subtitle experience who can work on a paid hourly basis to translate, review, and edit subtitles for special projects that we’re working on. We are looking for extremely reliable individuals who can work quickly when they take on a translation or review project. Our needs in various languages change quickly, so we can’t predict how often we’ll need help.

Update #8: we are currently looking for individuals who are native speakers of these languages: Swedish, Danish, English, British English, Hebrew, French, German, Italian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Thai, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Turkish, Polish, Russian, Norwegian (Bokmal), and Finnish.

If you’re interested, please apply here.

If English is your native language, we are looking for folks to do captioning and transcription that have substantial Amara or other subtitling experience and great attention to detail and formatting.

Also, please put the name of the languages you speak in the subject line of the email. To start, this many only be a few hours of work, but in the future it could be more. Thanks!

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