Hey Amara users,

Please excuse our use of the Amara blog for a Participatory Culture Foundation post (that’s the non-profit that makes Amara!). We have some news about Miro Guide (www.miroguide.com), which is our channel listing website for Miro (www.getmiro.com).

Miro and Miro Guide are a great project that we unfortunately have not been able to put in the proper time lately to continue developing. It’s now at the point where it’s using several outdated components, and we don’t have the time to work to upgrade them.  We decided we needed to make some changes to the site before it stopped working altogether, or someone found a way to exploit a security issue and gain access to our user data. The decision we made was to change Miro Guide to be a static HTML site. This will provide several benefits for the aging software:

  • It removes basically all potential security issues, since the code will not be exposed to network traffic
  • It protects user data collected for the site — in fact, we have deleted all user data to avoid any potential exposure
  • It will result in a significant performance increase

There are a few downsides to this change.  User logins and personalized recommendations will no longer be supported, and channels will no longer get new items.  We think this is a reasonable sacrifice for the security gains and hope you agree!

If you notice any issues with the change, please contact us at support@amara.org and we will work to fix them as soon as possible.


The PCF team

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