Many teams have important information they want to share with their linguists, like who to contact with questions, or links to other helpful resources that team members have made or gathered. Now we have a simple and easy-to-find page for linguists to reference those resources!

If your team’s administrator has entered some text for the Team Resources page, you’ll see “Resources” in the main navigation of your team.

screenshot of team page with Resources tab highlighted

Team admins can set up their Team Resources page in their team settings. Just go to Settings -> Messages and write whatever you want your team to know in the field for “Team resources page text.”

screenshot of messages settings page with input field for Team Resources Page Text

Once upon a time, on task teams

Some users figured out that the Team Description could be used for this purpose, because it was displayed on every page for that team. That’s a pretty good idea, unless you use the description field to describe your team – then it’s taking up space on every team page, even though your team members probably already know what your team is about!

So when we built Collaboration teams (the upgraded version of task teams)…

We decided not to display the Team Description on every page, so that we can fill the pages with more relevant information for team members. That meant we needed a new, easy to find place to display extra help links, contacts and other resources with your team: the Team Resources Page!

We hope this helps you share valuable information with your team – happy subtitling!

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