This month we’re featuring Michel S from the ARTE volunteer community. Michel has contributed over 30 translations to ARTE. Thank you for all your hard work!

Why did you start subtitling videos? I discovered Amara by happenstance, while watching a video on YouTube. I found the platform quite inviting and the subtitle editor intuitive and simple to use. So, I decided to try my hand at subtitling.

What do you enjoy most about subtitling content? I get to work on a variety of subjects that can range from very engaging to downright silly. Some of those subjects even offer insight into domains that were originally outside of my scope of knowledge.

Why do you believe subtitling is important? It benefits people around the world who, for example, are hearing impaired or don’t understand the language. And within that perspective, it gives them the possibility to enjoy content that may have not been developed with a global audience in mind.

What is the most interesting video that you have subtitled? I would say not one video, but a series of short videos called A Photographic Pause from the ARTE team in which a photographer describes, through first-person narrative, how his pictures come to life as well as the twists and turns that are part of his profession.

Interested in volunteering with an Amara community? Check out our volunteer opportunities here. 

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