Customizing Workflows

Team administrators can now send Evaluation assignments to another team even after the work team has completed their assignments. Working with multiple Collaboration teams can give administrators more flexibility and control over their collaboration workflow!

Account Security

Password strength is a concern for anyone who stores data online. To protect user profiles and the Amara site, we have tweaked the password creation and reset process.

You must enter your email address if you reset your password on your Account tab:

Detail screenshot of error message on Account page that requires your email address to reset your password.

When you reset your password or create a new account on Amara, your password must pass a strength test.

A strong password cannot be:

  • Your username
  • Your email address
  • Fewer than
  • A commonly used password

People often use common names, popular words, and predictable patterns. Learn more about password strength and check out this list of commonly used passwords and keep your data safe on all your accounts!

Customizable account deactivation

Deactivating your account now comes with more options. Users can now choose to delete some personal data, videos, and subtitles.

We rarely delete subtitled videos. We want to preserve the collaborative spirit of our community and respect the time and effort of our subtitlers. Therefore, we will not delete a subtitle or video that has been shared or worked on by other users unless it is an exceptional case.

Screenshot of account deactivation page with new options highlighted.

Note: We do not disconnect your linked accounts. If your account is connected to Vimeo or YouTube, you must unlink your account through your Account tab on Amara.

Better support for uploading files with special characters

We now support for UTF-8 encoded characters for ITT file upload.

For example, you can upload a file with the musical note character ♪!

Screenshot 2018-06-28 09.29.10

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