Delete empty subtitles

You can now delete all blank subtitles at the same time in the editor! The option is in the Subtitle Tools menu (wrench icon).

If you are editing a set of subtitles with a lot of empty subtitle cells, you don’t have to delete each one individually. Just click the wrench icon and select “Delete empty subtitles” and see them disappear!

Screenshot of Subtitle Tools menu open in the editor with cursor over the Delete empty subtitles option

This is especially useful for translating from SDH subtitles. Save yourself some time and effort and delete all the remaining empty cells after removing the SDH tags within the cells.

Editor bug fixes

Text changes are no longer canceled by the ESC key. It will take you out of edit mode without canceling your most recent edits.

The timeline in the Editor now more accurately reflects the duration of the video. Each second is clearly marked so you can feel more confident syncing your subtitles to the video timing.

Also, timing information now automatically updates in the subtitle list and information tray when you drag subtitles on the timeline.

Animated gif of subtitle list and information tray updating as the cursor drags the end of a subtitle on the Amara Editor timeline

Undo feature update

We’ve expanded the undo function: you can undo text edits as well as timing and other actions with the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Z / Cmd + Z)! Undoing an action will also now deselect the subtitle you were editing which finishes your edit. This saves you a step so you don’t have to hit ENTER or click outside a subtitle to complete your edit. Make sure to save your subtitle drafts to preserve your work as well.

You can undo text edits in an active cell. And now the information tray of an active cell updates after you undo an action. This can help you keep track of your character limitations per second and per line so that your audience has an easier time reading your subtitles!

Both pieces of original text are now preserved when undoing a subtitle split. When we add new features, it’s important to make sure they all work together to make the Amara Editor experience a positive one!

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