Project and Language Managers for Collaboration Teams

We have added a new team role into Collaboration teams that will make it easier for teams to manage languages and projects. Team admins can now designate “project managers” and “language managers” from the Member Directory page.

Project and language managers are useful for collaboration teams that:

  • Work with different languages and projects
  • Have experienced members who could help manage your workflows
  • Could benefit from sharing the responsibility of managing different projects
  • Could benefit from sharing the responsibility of managing different languages

What can project and language managers do?

  • Use the Management tab to manage requests for their projects / languages

Screenshot of Management page for a project and language manager with available projects and languages highlighted on the left

Screenshot of management page for language manager with selected language highlighted in the top left corner

  • Post-edit subtitles with the “edit subtitles” button on the Subtitle Details Page for projects or languages for which they are managers

A pink arrow points to the highlighted Edit subtitles button on a video details page

How can I find who the language managers are on my team?

Maybe you’re a translator with a question about how you should translate a certain phrase – find out if there’s a language manager to answer your question on your team’s Member Directory.

Edit user dialog box with Project/Language Manager role selected and the dropdown menus for projects and languages highlighted


Happy subtitling!

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