Collaboration Team Improvements

Managers of Collaboration Teams can now send back several Evaluations at the same time from the Management page > Evaluations tab by selecting them and choosing “Edit.” Learn more about using Evaluations in your workflow on the Amara Knowledge Base!

Issues with Third-party Sites

Embedding a YouTube video with Amara subtitles used to block the YouTube video progress bar. We’ve raised the position of the Amara subtitles on the screen, so that you can now use YouTube’s progress bar with Amara subtitles.

SRTs exported from Amara are now unformatted, which means they can be used on YouTube and Facebook without issue!

We fixed some issues with ITT files: subtitle position is now preserved when uploading this file type to YouTube, and ampersand characters no longer create problems with exporting.

Machine Automated Captioning requests can now be successfully completed for Brightcove MP4 videos without an error accessing the audio file.

To see more details and small fixes made, check out the Changelog page for June 21, June 26, July 4, and July 25, 2018!

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