We are extremely excited about the next release of Universal Subtitles. There is so much good stuff in it.

First there is the new widget design. The menu is clearer than ever, it offers easier access to information and options, and it just looks good — we think it’s something that people be delighted to add to their site.  Check it out:

Second, you’ll be able to add collaborative subtitling to every video on your site in one fell swoop: we’ve made a single line of JavaScript that you can add to your page headers, or your blog theme. then all of your videos will be subtitle-able by your visitors and our community.

Third, there’s the new Firefox extension and bookmarklet. Once you install one of these in your browser you can add subtitles to any compatible video on *any* site– not just sites that are using our tools. So if you often find yourself looking for subtitles or captions to online videos, you’re going to love this.

We have even added support for more video sites and for more file formats (like WebM). There’s a long way to go before you can contribute subtitles to *any* video on the web, but we’re getting there.

Finally we’re launching a brand-new front page. Now there’s less of a need to emphasize the overall vision, since we’ve made some awesome tools that put that vision into practice! The new front page is straight business: you can subtitle a video, add our subtitling tool to your site, or get the Firefox extension / bookmarklet.

If you’d like to help with the new release, we really need help testing. Check out our testing page and join the testing list!

One thought on “This next release is going to be so good

  1. This is absolutely awesome! please keep up the great work and don’t stop! Many people do know about this, but when they know, they’ll be delighted. This project (Universal free subtitles) for all videos on the net is HUGE thing and thing which we really need. thanks a lot

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