PCF in a nutshell The Participatory Culture Foundation is a unique tech non-profit working to build a more open, collaborative world.

We’re responsible for Universal Subtitles, a project that makes Wikipedia-style collaboration for video subtitles and translations possible on a massive scale. Here’s a recent collaboration we launched with the band OK Go (the treadmill dudes): OK Go Translation Party Fans completed more than 90 translations in less than a day!

We also make Miro, an open source video and music player that’s used by millions of people who prefer having more control over their media. Miro doesn’t prop up a top-down, tightly controlled app ecosystem, unlike Apple’s iTunes.

The Internship This internship will be focused around marketing, outreach, social media, and other public communication. We have three major open source software products, millions of users, and are laying groundwork for a very large video translation and subtitling community. There’s a lot of communication happening, so we’ll keep you on your toes.

The exact nature of the position depends on your skill-set, but could include: developing and executing an outreach plan for independent video producers, blogging, expanding our social media presence, and so on. You will work most closely with the Business Development Director.

While PCF is a non-profit organization, the experience you gain will be applicable at almost any tech company, startup, media company, or other communications based position.

You are A self-motivated, driven, enthusiastic person with great communication skills. Ideally, at least a few of the following apply: writes a blog or tumblog, loves the internet for all its untapped potential, is surrounded by friends and followers on twitter/facebook/etc, works well independently. If you want to fetch coffee and need a boss, then this position isn’t for you.

Compensation We are a 501c3 non-profit and this internship is unpaid. We do offer course credit (where available), as well as experience working with a small but highly effective tech non-profit.

Commitment & Expectations We’re looking for a commitment of 8-12 hours per week. We have workspace available in our shared office in SoHo, New York City. This position is open to applicants worldwide; however, we may give preference to those located in New York City.

Applying Please send your cover letter, resume (optional), links to web presence (blogs/twitter/website/whatever), along in a hand crafted email to jobs(a)pculture.org Add “<internship>” somewhere in the subject, so we can automatically sort it.

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