Great news, everybody! Khan Academy, the wildly successful project of Salman Khan, has fully integrated Universal Subtitles into over 2,100 videos on their website. You can read more about the news at GigaOm.

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A non-profit educational organization, Khan Academy was founded in 2006 with a mission to “provide a high quality education to anyone, anywhere.” The educational videos cover a variety of subjects and ability levels, like mathematics, physics, finance, economics, and more.

Subtitles on a video
Click subtitles button to reveal Universal Subtitles

Khan Academy is easily accessible to students, parents, and teachers. While students can make use of the extensive video library and practice problems, the parents and teachers can mark the progress and witness the students gain the knowledge they need in order to succeed. The response received by Khan Academy users is overwhelmingly positive; in fact, Bill Gates, who uses the program with his kids, claims, “This guy [Sal Khan] is amazing. It is awesome how much he has done with very little in the way of resources.”

By adding Universal Subtitles to the website, more people can now get involved in creating the educational videos. Viewers who translate the lessons into different languages make the content a lot more accessible and comprehensible to followers around the world.

Check out the Khan Academy website at and support the cause by translating!

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