Highlights from our Latest Release

Undo and Redo

Last week, we released the long-awaited undo and redo actions in the editor with the keyboard shortcut ctrl+Z (on a PC) or cmd+Z (on a Mac)!

Now you can step back a few steps and undo any messes. Split a sub by mistake? Go back. Made a mistake while transcribing? No problem. Just use the keyboard shortcut and undo!

Please note: for the moment, you need to press “Enter” to finish a text edit before you can undo it. Soon you’ll be able to undo text while you’re still editing a subtitle, though, and we’ll let you know here when it happens!

We’re still working on a layout where this will be incorporated into a menu and/or button, but for now, we hope the keyboard shortcut is useful to you.

Amara style updates for New Style Teams

If you are part of a Collaboration Team, you may have noticed some new colors and bigger text on the site this week. We made these changes in order to start standardizing the way we display text and the way we guide your eyes around the screen. This is an early step in a process of making amara.org as easy to use and navigate as possible! Here’s an overview of the improvements:

    • Generally bigger font sizes: our baseline font is now 16 pixels, and we’ve matched our header styles on pages throughout the site.
    • Buttons are all the same shape: We got rid of the round edges of buttons (“border radius”), so that they all look the same. Before, some were rounded and some were straight.
  • Colors show you where to go: we made some rules around color, so that the important things you can click really stand out on the page. We expect you to find your way around easier without even thinking about it, but if you’re really curious, here’s what we did:
  • The really important things to click, like call-to-action buttons and links, are now a bright blue-green (teal), and they change to lime green when you hover over them.
    • Other slightly less important things, like navigational links you use to move to different pages on the site, are now purple so that you don’t get distracted by them.

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