Our newest initiative is all about amplifying today’s critical voices, who are leading us toward a more equitable, sustainable and accessible world.

To start with, we’re focusing on increasing participation in the upcoming US elections. In the US, despite at least 350 languages being actively spoken, most information about voting is only available in English. With your help, we can help ensure that everyone, no matter what language they speak, knows how to exercise their right to vote in this critical election.

You can Amplify by:

  1. Translating a video (below) into your native language, if it isn’t already
  2. Sharing the video link (below) with your social networks

📣 Click a video link to get started! 📣

About Amplifying Voices

Amplifying Voices is a brand new initiative of the Participatory Culture Foundation, the non-profit behind Amara. Amplifying Voices is aimed at promoting civic engagement, centering diverse viewpoints, and advancing discussion around pressing global issues, such as climate change, racial justice, and human rights.

Image credit: Marc Puig i Perez

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