According to the American Bar Association, in the US, low voter turnout among immigrant and minority populations is structural and sometimes deliberate. One major factor they cite: lack of translated voting materials. To address this, we’re translating How to Vote in Every State – an amazing video series that is currently only available in English.

The Most Difficult States to Vote In

We have prioritized states identified as the most difficult to vote in during a pandemic – click below to help translate or share the video:

  1. Mississippi
  2. Missouri
  3. South Carolina
  4. Connecticut
  5. Tennessee
  6. Texas

Additional videos available for translation:

Driving Local Viewership in Each State

To ensure the translated videos reach a relevant audience in the above states, we are connecting with local community-based organizations with members whose first language may not be English. We’ll share specifics on these efforts soon.

You can get involved by:

We need help with 1) translation and 2) driving awareness locally in these states – please help out! Click here to get involved.

About Amplifying Voices

Our newest initiative, Amplifying Voices, is elevating the voices of those leading us toward a more equitable, sustainable, and accessible world. Our current focus is increasing participation in the upcoming US elections, which will have a very global impact, by ensuring everyone knows how to vote, no matter what language they speak.

Stay tuned and thank you for amplifying voices of change!

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