When we released the redesigned homepage of the Amara website in August 2017, we made everything look as “clean and simple” as possible. In the last couple of months, we’ve come to realize that less is not always more, and the clean and simple new look of our forms was making them difficult to complete accurately.

We recently made some improvements to make it easy to fill out our forms! Now the forms on the Amara site have clear labels, unlike the placeholder text that disappears when you start typing. We also added headers to separate the categories of information you need to fill out on a form, and help text to clarify what certain fields mean. We matched up the styles so that they’re consistent with the forms we use on the new interface for Collaboration teams.

So if you’re curious about ordering On Demand subtitles or getting team workspace on Amara, check out our improved inquiry forms at the bottom of the Purchase subtitles page or Subtitling Platform page!

Freelance translators, it’s now easier to apply as a professional On Demand subtitler with Amara, too! We reworked our Recruiting and Application pages and put a “Jobs” link in the footer of the site so it’s easier to get there.

Happy subtitling!

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