Sometimes you have text on screen in a video in the exact area where subtitles normally display. How can you keep the subtitle and the onscreen text visible? Before now, Amara technical operations staff manually repositioned those subtitles when requested by clients of our On Demand translation service.

Now anyone can do it: just click and drag your subtitles to the top of the video player!


We built this feature in a way that you shouldn’t have to do much extra manual moving of subtitles: let’s say you move a subtitle to the top of the video player. If you then split that subtitle, or add adjacent subtitles, they will all be top-positioned for you! You will not need to move each one up to the top of the video player.


Subtitle positioning cues will be included in any .dfxp, .itt, or .vtt exports (see below). Let us know how you feel about the new feature in the comments!


Screenshot 2018-05-03 14.49.16.pngScreenshot 2018-05-03 14.48.34.png

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