Amara’s products and services were designed to make subtitle creation fast and easy. Use quality subtitles to catch your audience’s attention in the first few seconds of video play. Subtitles for online video content are high in demand, and we at Amara are eager to help you find the right subtitling solution for you.

We all know what subtitles and captions do for accessibility, and it turns out that there are a lot of additional benefits to creating subtitles. Did you know content with subtitles:

In short, having your content subtitled helps you reach more people who will understand and remember what you said.

Not only does subtitled content provide benefits to the hearing community, but it also sends a clear message about your commitment to accessibility for viewers who are deaf, deafened, hard of hearing, or new to your language.

If you need your content subtitled, Amara’s award-winning technology is available to help you create in-house subtitles.

Subtitling solutions from Amara

  • Amara Public is free and includes our award winning editor.
  • Amara Plus is for those who want a private space to create subtitles.
  • Amara Pro is ideal for groups and organizations that want more control over workflow.
  • Amara Enterprise is geared for maximum flexibility of workflows (including APIs), automation and quality assurance.

Read on to learn more about each offering and the Amara Enterprise platform to find the best solution for you.

Amara Public

Great for: Individuals and professionals who need a subtitle editor or want crowdsourced subtitling assistance

Amara Public is an ideal choice for anyone in need of a subtitle editor to create same-language subtitles or translations for a single video to share with a public audience. Amara Public is also the perfect answer for anyone who doesn’t have their own videos but wishes to build their subtitling and translation skills while helping public videos in need of crowdsourced subtitles.

Amara Plus

Great for: Freelance translators, students, teachers, marketing professionals, small businesses and entrepreneurs

Amara Plus was created for professionals who work alone or in small groups to create captions and subtitles and need privacy; meaning that subtitles for the user’s videos cannot be seen, added, modified or downloaded by the Amara community.

Amara Pro

Great for: Small-to-medium businesses with regular subtitling projects

Amara Pro was developed for organizations with teams of 2–30 persons who need subtitling workflows and processes, but aren’t large enough to take advantage of the robust features of Amara Enterprise. Amara Pro allows users to have assigned roles such as Administrator, Manager, and Contributor.

Amara Enterprise

Great for: Multinational organizations, localization and globalization teams, language service providers, news and media websites, nonprofits, non-governmental organizations, accessibility departments, higher-education institutions and more.

The Amara Enterprise platform has it all: privacy, team workspaces, customizable roles, advanced workflows for multiple layers of quality assurance, and add-ons like automatic speech recognition (ASR). Amara Enterprise’s flexible assignment system makes it easy for project managers to tailor the quality assurance process and route jobs to different vendors, in-house teams, and/or other localization resources.

Amara eliminates manual work and provides total transparency to workflows. Plus, the powerful Amara API enables automated intake and delivery, among other features, so you save time and improve quality.

Amara Enterprise is especially designed for organizations with any type of large-scale captioning and subtitling needs. Whether using in-house teams, multiple vendors, crowdsourcing, or volunteers, Amara Enterprise makes the process transparent and easy to manage.

A chart comparing Amara platform subtitling solutions

If you don’t have a subtitling team in place, try our professional subtitling solution, Amara On Demand. AOD offers high quality, professionally created captions and translations for your global audience at competitive pricing, while still delivering a fair wage to our linguists. With over 2,500 professional native-speaker linguists focused on making content accessible and affordable, the Amara On Demand team is an exceptional choice. Clients include large technology companies, popular online learning and media organizations, marketing firms, as well as a host of individual filmmakers and YouTube creators.

Amara is here to help you reach more people with your video content in ways that connect with your audience.

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By the way, do you know what’s the difference between subtitles and closed captions? Check out our article: Subtitles vs. Captions: What’s the Difference?

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