Catch your audience’s attention in the first few seconds with quality subtitles!

Subtitles for online video content are quickly becoming an industry standard, and we at Amara are eager to help you find the right subtitling solution for you.

Content with subtitles:

  • Has a much larger audience
  • Has higher viewer comprehension
  • Contains metadata with keywords that boost SEO
  • Can still be understood when audio is switched off on social media sites

In short, having your content subtitled helps you reach more people who will understand and remember what you said.

Providing subtitles is also the right thing to do. Subtitles send a clear message about your commitment to accessibility for viewers who are deaf, hard of hearing, or new to your language.

If you need your content subtitled, Amara’s award-winning technology offers several services to help you create in-house subtitles.

New Subtitling Solutions:

  • Amara Public is FREE and includes our award winning editor.
  • Amara Plus is a for those who want a private space to create subtitles.
  • Amara Pro is a ideal for groups and organizations that want more control over workflow.
  • Amara Enterprise is geared for maximum flexibility of workflows and quality assurance.

Compare our paid programs Amara Plus, Amara Pro, and Amara Enterprise and find the best solution for you!

Detail screenshot of subtitling solutions chart for Amara Pro, Amara Plus, and Amara Enterprise

If you don’t have a subtitling team, try our professional subtitling solution, Amara On Demand. AOD creates original language captions and translated captions for your global audience, at very competitive pricing.

Amara is here to help you reach more people with your video content in ways that connect with your audience.

Contact for more information!

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