Stoney Corner Language Reclamation

In May, we added the Stoney Nakoda [sto] language to the subtitle language dropdown in Amara. Since then, we had the opportunity to learn more about the organization who requested the addition: the Stoney Corner Language Reclamation Project at Paul First Nation.   As a project of the Participatory Culture Foundation, Amara supports the preservation … Continue reading Stoney Corner Language Reclamation

Last chance to tell us what you liked about the Legacy Editor!

We have some major improvements to the Amara editor planned for 2018. We’ve already gotten off to a running start with the addition of shift subtitles, split subtitles, and subtitle positioning, and there are many more to come! As we look forward, we have decided to remove our Legacy Editor from the site. Before we … Continue reading Last chance to tell us what you liked about the Legacy Editor!

Stoney (Nakoda) language has been added

This month we added the Stoney (Nakoda) language to Amara. Most of the languages in its subgroup, the Dakota subgroup of Siouan languages, are spoken further south, in the Mississippi Valley and Great Plains of Ohio, USA. The Stoneys are the only Siouan people that live entirely in Canada. Want tips on language preservation? We … Continue reading Stoney (Nakoda) language has been added is now a static website

Hey Amara users, Please excuse our use of the Amara blog for a Participatory Culture Foundation post (that’s the non-profit that makes Amara!). We have some news about Miro Guide (, which is our channel listing website for Miro ( Miro and Miro Guide are a great project that we unfortunately have not been able … Continue reading is now a static website