Over the past year, many of our users have requested the ability to split a long subtitle in two. This is especially important when translating, since one language may use many more characters to express the same phrase as in another language.

Now Amara editor users can split a subtitle in two with a keyboard shortcut. Just place the cursor at the spot in the subtitle where you want to split the text, and click ctrl+enter. Thank you to the users who responded to our Facebook post and shared keyboard shortcut ideas with us for this feature!

See a short demonstration on our YouTube channel!

The feature also automatically trims extra space – for example, if you split the subtitle below in the space between “long,” and “it,” you won’t have to worry about deleting the extra space.

Original subtitle:

This subtitle is too long, it should really be two!

Splits into:

This subtitle is too long


it should really be two!

To make subtitling even easier, if the subtitle is already synced, its duration will be split in half.

What about when subtitles are too short? We’re currently working to make joining subtitles just as simple. Stay connected with us on Facebook and Twitter to give your input on joining subtitles and other upcoming editor improvements!

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